The Perfect Steak Every Time

As a restauranteur, I believe that every restaurant has items on their menu that are more important than others. At mine, in particular, that happens to be the steak selection and what I pride myself on more than anything else is being able to offer meat options that are delicious and meet the expectations of everyone that comes to the restaurant. I am well aware that most people love steak  – if they eat meat- but what a lot of people are not aware of is how to actually order the perfect steak when they are out dining and this is an area that can be explained quite simply so that people can get the best experience possible.

Meat lovers often say that eating a nice steak gives an extra boost and they feel more energized. I don’t know how vegans and vegetarians manage without meat, because I could never give up meat, and for those that come to my restaurant ordering steak, I have tips on how to order for the perfect steak every time. Follow these tips and I guarantee that you will have a delicious steak the next time you are out.

At a Steakhouse

Steak picture in an elegant restaurant

Say you are at a steakhouse and you have no idea what cut of meat to choose? With so many possible options available (filet mignon, porterhouse, ribeye, etc) it is as if you are being accosted by the steak gods and being punished for it! Does anyone really understand the difference between a New York strip and a Kansas City strip? People in the know are aware that every steak cut comes with certain unique characteristics, but that is why I am here to assist those that do not know.

Knowing the Cuts

As with other animals, steak cuts come from various parts that carry varying levels of flavor and tenderness. This is how you can familiarize yourself with popular cuts.

The Ribeye

Ribeye picture

Strip steaks and ribeye steaks are probably the most tender and are located the farthest from the hoof and horn and are known as the areas that are the least worked on a cow. The ribeye is so named because of the location it comes from – it is boneless and includes the eye and the ribeye cap, an outer part of the prime rib. With a bone-in version, it is sometimes called a cowboy steak and is typically a larger portion. Ribeye steaks have more fat than other parts of the cow, but this fat melts while cooking to add an additional level of flavor to your steak. So if you are looking for lots of flavors and don’t care about a bit of fat on your steak, then ribeye is the cut for you.


Strip Steaks


Considered steakhouse classics, strip steaks are known for tenderness, marbling, and top flavor. New York strip steaks are boneless and is cut from strip loin after removal from the short loin. Thus, a Kansas City steak strip is what is remaining on a bone from a New York steak strip. Both are marbled well and packed with flavor, so either one suits you if prefer rich beef and little to no fat.

It Has Many Benefits

I cannot say enough how much I love my new espresso machine and the one thing I can say already is that I actually enjoy doing it myself. That is probably because it is a bit easier than I imagined and my machine makes it a simple process that just about anyone could do. Many of my friends suggested that I invest in an espresso machine after nothing how much I love to drink coffee in the mornings. In only a short amount of time, I can already see that this machine will pay for itself in no time at all.

Cup of coffee

What is even better is that there are many people that are unaware of the benefits of drinking espresso and would be surprised at how good a small cup can be for health. Of course, everything should be done in moderation, and that includes espressos and coffee, but the overall benefits cannot be denied. Most people relate to espressos as small energy drinks that pick you up quite quickly and provide a jolt of energy to help you make it through a day in a pinch. I know that there are many out there that don’t consider drinking espresso a method to maintain overall health, but here are some reasons why you may want to reconsider.


Improvements in Long-Term Memory


Did you know that when you drink espresso you can improve your memory by helping the brain to retain stored information and recall it when needed. Some people in college even like to drink it while studying since it helps them to remember what they are going over better.


Improving Concentration

Woman reading book holding white cup

Espresso not only helps to boost energy levels, but it helps you to focus on your daily responsibilities. Once that espresso kicks dopamine into the brain, you will notice that you are mentally more alert. When I am feeling sluggish, I will have an espresso as a way to thwart exhaustion and fatigue. There are many studies that have demonstrated how one espresso can significantly impact productivity. You should, however, be aware of how much espresso you are consuming each day as it can affect your sleeping patterns at night.


High In Antioxidants


Coffee has lots of antioxidants that help to prevent diseases. It also contains hydrocinnamic acids that can neutralize the harmful elements we encounter each day like air pollution, ultraviolet rays, and smoke.


Boosting Physical Activity


We all want to maintain a lifestyle that is healthier and before engaging in a workout, a cup of espresso can be just the trick to help you reach peak performance. Whether it is a daily workout at the gym or some sporting event, a small cup may be just the thing you need to give you that extra jolt to get through the regimen. The adrenaline rush can keep you going for longer and enable you to burn off more calories and/or reduce stress levels. I find that a small cup of espresso before I hit my gym in the morning has been quite impactful in helping me reach my personal goals.