5 Famous Italian Dishes

Italy is a famous country for various things such as tourist destination, history and most importantly its lifestyle. But that’s not all you know about Italy. It’s also known for its great recipes that are perfect for appetizers. In fact, every country you visit for holidays you will come across an Italian restaurant or an Italian fashion. Today more and more people prefer spending their holidays in Italy and neighboring regions and you will mostly find the young crowd who are interested in cooking. The air ticket getting cheaper by the day has increased movements in these regions and made it affordable. So, you obviously must come across or tasted these 5 famous Italian Dishes which not only have a mouthwatering taste but also have nutritional benefits. They also provide you with a lot of energy all day long.

Perhaps you might want to have these appetizing tastes? Here are some of the 5 famous Italian dishes that you might try out for yourself to enjoy a superb taste and good nutrition. You can also check our next article about top 50 comfort foods.

1. Baccala Alla lucana

The origin of this dish is Basilicata, a province in Italy. It’s now gaining popularity all over the world. Being among the top 5 famous Italian dishes, it is now savored in most of the western nations during Christmas Eve. Its main constituents include codfish and crunchy red peppers.

2. Minestrone

Most people normally look for a splendid soup before the main course meal. Minestrone is an admired thick soup served in most Italian restaurants. Its main ingredients include vegetables like tomatoes, onions, carrots beans pasta and rice. It’s mostly served as a non-vegetarian recipe by including some meats products in it such as chicken or pork.

3. Cacciatore

It’s mostly in three forms which include chicken cacciatore, salamino cacciatore and rabbit cacciatore. Its chief ingredient includes onions, bell peppers, rabbit or chicken meats, tomatoes and wine. If you crave for non-vegetarian food, cacciatore is a must have.

4. Patate e Funghi Gratinati

It’s another top 5 famous Italian dish and it’s a delight to anyone since it has an appetizing aroma, texture and excellent taste. Patate e Funghi Gratinati ingredients are potatoes and mushroom but it still has combinations of other ingredients such as butter and cheeses which make it a mouthwatering dish.

5. Pasta all’Amatriciana

Another famous Italian dish is Pasta all’Amatriciana. It is a spaghetti which contains tomato and bacon recipe. Pasta all’Amatriciana was created by a cook in Amatrice and has been around for fifty years. It doesn’t use any cream which makes it different from other pasta recipe. It’s an ideal course for those who are looking for a nutritious and delicious dinner or lunch.

Now that you have these 5 famous Italian dishes, feel free to check out more dishes that you can make and add them to your daily menu. You can either spend a few days learning cooking these dishes and you will absolutely find the tastes and aroma of these dishes quite great. In addition, these healthy meals make dining truly appetizing and enjoyable.